While I have been teacher assisting, I have seen how many aspects of teaching has been made easier by the use of a Smartboard. Coopersville is fortunate enough to have on in every classroom and my CT uses it for almost every aspect of her teaching. The students come in and make their lunch choice, giving the teacher freedom to continue setting up her room. We check work together on the Smartboard, as well as work on worksheets as a whole.Every child can see what is being written. The students can also fill in answers and plat interactive and fun games on the Smartboard. This tool is really cool and beneficial to have in a classroom. Especially in a time where children’s attention is so scattered and teacher have to compete with TV and video games.


The Changing Roles of Students and Teachers

A brief article Department of Education website talks about how using technology in the classroom is changing the roles that teachers play in educating students. While using technology, students engage in active participation with the material. The students make decisions about generating, manipulating and showing information, a task that was once left to the teacher. Using technology in the classroom is also a great way to make learning way more student lead and places the teacher in the role of facilitator. Teachers ask questions about students choices and guide them instead of lead them to appropriate choices and decisions. The use of technology in the classroom will help us to share the teaching with the students, as well as giving them a sense of responsibility in their own education.